And so the story begins…

When a blogger starts posting different stories on their life online the reader most probably has no idea where this particular person is coming from because they most likely stumbled upon the site by pure sheer chance. Unless you are my friends. If you are my friends, disregard previous statement. I’m not famous hence the tabloids have not covered me senseless so let me try give you a peek….no, something longer than a peek, into who this particular writer is.

My name is Gloria. Kenyan by birth, 27 years old (I shall not update this part so I shall stay 27 for some time to come, ha!). Daughter of Samuel and Grace, blessed daughter of Florence. Sister to a bunch of wildlings totaling 9…yes, I was lucky enough to have 9 siblings I fought for the TV remote with. Believer in God. Dancer of hip-hop, salsa and any other rhythm that my African self can muster. After a bachelor in Civil Engineering at the University of Nairobi and participating in the rat race in Nairobi for some time I thought i’d trolley on over to Germany and see what was good there. Well, apart from the good stuff, it’s freaking cold I tell ya!

My name is Auma (keep up now). In relocating, the first few months were hard. Very. I changed my Facebook profile name to Auma which is my ethnic name. The result – I was reborn. The pictures were mine, the friends mine, the name – so refreshing as I had never used it before.  Every time I’d hear it, memories of milky kenyan tea, hot dusty work days, packed city streets filled with the aroma of french fries, fried fish, roasting meat….home, my country, my people, would seep through.

Now, I’m studying. My masters. An MBA course in Resource and Environmental management. Every day I get shocked at how messed up the world is. Everyday something new dawns on me that I would love to change. Everyday I lose hope at the daunting task ahead-the burning desire to see change that the rat race still has not stolen from me. Will I make it? Will the ideas come forth? Am I good enough and tough enough? Read on as this fishmonger shares her tales.

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10 thoughts on “And so the story begins…”

  1. Will most definitely be watching this space.


  2. rachel ashubwe said:

    oh this is awesome!!! cannot wait to explore your brain,


  3. Paddy Gedi said:

    Follow You I will. Read more of your blogs I shall.


  4. Paddy, welcome to the fishy side, where couches rule!! 🙂


  5. Awsome,real stuff! This I will definitely follow.


  6. Glad to read this. very exciting


  7. Walala…Si that photo is on point! Good stuff Gloria.. Keep writing!


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