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Being a student again truly is enjoyable. I learnt late in my undergrad that campus was not just about the extra curricular activities like swim meets, camps and bowling plots. So when I started going into the library in 3rd year only to discover the limitless bounds of knowledge contained within those walls I was truly sorry I had wasted my first 2 years. Now that on graduation I was given the power to read I have decided I will do just that. Delve into the fundamentals of Economics, Management, Finance and try to grasp them, as wide, complex and dynamic as they may be. And oh how interesting they are proving to be…I guess up until I get to the exams *hides*..

The thing I also did not realize in campus is that being a student should be taken like any 8-5 job. It is serious work and doesn’t mean you just go for lectures and relax the rest of the time that your free (which is quite alot) It means you plan your time and ensure you cover the material that your lecturer gives you at the start of the semester such that you are always ahead. I am saying this in the hope that my preaching water means I will feel ashamed if I do not drink water. Time is such a finite resource I always am sad that it just flows on by with no way of checking it. It cannot be stopped…

Most unexpected combi-eggs and veg and ofcourse pasta. True Spinster style.

Most unexpected combi-eggs and veg and ofcourse pasta. True Spinster style.

Another thing about campus life? The cooking. Gone are the days of precariously balancing a sufuria (cooking pot) on a metal frame to which a heating element has been attached (wish I had a picture of that). These dorm rooms hold their own. A far cry from the days of Hall 4, Stella Awinja and the much coveted Hall 13 in University of Nairobi. I share a 2 bedroomed mini flat with my German roomie. We have individual rooms while sharing the bathroom and kitchenette. I love cooking. I call myself the experimental chef-sometimes referring to a recipe sometimes just throwing stuff together and saying voila! There is a mess called the Mensa, lovely looking facility with 4 meal options per day. A light meal, a vegetarian meal, the day’s special and the not-soo-special-but-nice meal. But cooking is always the cheaper option and more flexible (and mess food…well you know how mess food can be) so in the 1st week I went and got myself a pot, pan, 2 plates, 2 cups, forks and spoons plus pasta-the cheapest starch in Europe. My 1st meal was prepped by my mentor, Janine (a German student who volunteers to help me get around the city and go through all the relevant registrations and administration activities like getting a bank account and health insurance). It was pasta with sauce. Quite simple and fast to make. Think I had pasta that whole fast week. I was pretty tired of it by the end of that week so I started

First meal I made with the mushrooms

First meal I made with the mushrooms

experimenting with different types of sauces. Vegetables are fast cooking, healthy and affordable. I got a pack of them-frozen mixed veg, and then thought to add mushrooms in the shopping cart. It led me to this very important question ::

  What food group are mushrooms because I sure have been eating a whole lot of them…

and I hope they are protein….

I have been able to figure out quite tasty combis of various vegetables but just because they are fast to cook doesn’t mean I do not have those lazy days when I just have tea and bread or a bowl of oats and call it a night. My mushrooms finished though, after a very looooong time. Still wondering what to experiment with next…. Cheese?? Darn, I can feel the weight just piling on as I say that. Won’t you come jogging with me 🙂

A recent search on the web led me to this website that answered my question on Mushrooms with quite detail. It has me going to the market to get much much more and I hope you will too 🙂

Take away the pasta...and the mushrooms...this is what gets made. Cream with chicken strips in sauteed veges and boiled potatoes

Take away the pasta…and the mushrooms…this is what gets made. Cream with chicken strips in sauteed veges and boiled potatoes