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Buses are public spaces, more so in Kenya where they sometimes fill them beyond capacity despite the stringent traffc rules. In public spaces you get all types of people-some public and some private. The public people will tend to strike up a conversation with those seated near them. Private people (like myself) just want to get to my destination with as little hussle as possible-innanimate and animate,the former by traffic and the latter by people.

Today I’m seated in a bus, tweeting on the ongoing #Matatustrike in Kenya and the amazing response by average kenyans offering rides to stranded commuters via #Carpoolke. The bus is filling up pretty slowly. This youngish guy walks in and takes the seat infront of me.


He immediately turns and glances at me. These 1st glances are ok, one doesn’t get alarmed when they happen cause perhaps you remind the person of someone he knows. So i continue looking down at my phone. Half a minute later i look up and find him full on staring. Now its personal.

I don’t usually wear make up but today I’ve done up my eyes abit and figure thats the reason he’s noticed me. He says hi and I mouth a hi back and immediately slide onto the window seat so that I’m directly behind him. I really didn’t feel like playing peek a boo today plus he looked 5 years younger than me!

2 minutes later I see a hand reaching towards me from the space between the window and the seat. And behold, it has a folded piece of paper!


I have to give it up to Alex (his name I later garnered from the paper).
♬♬ “Hey you just met me, you must be crazy. Now I have your number but I won’t call you maybe ” ♬♬

But perhaps someone who reads this will 🙂