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I recently had a weekend that was one of more activity than I have had in a long while. It all begun with a former classmate of mine getting married. Wedding banns

I am lucky to still be able to state that I am currently on the right side of 25 and thus consider myself a ‘youth’ (darn, these politicians twisting the meaning of that term). Thus, we were all shocked he was tieing the knot this early. But the thing is he had no reason to wait any longer-he had a lovely girlfriend, a stable job and parents in law who loved each other. From the moment they started dating while on campus everyone knew they would end up together… for life.

It was great seeing friends I slogged through the final section of the Kenyan education system with. We ended up taking a trip down memory lane…literally. The wedding was held at St. Andrews church which is right in Nairobi University Campus. We took a walk up Agony Hill (this was a steep hill leading up from opposite St. Paul’s cathedral, past St. Andrews church to finally join Mamlaka road. Named for the emotion experienced climbing it) to Hall 13, the women’s hall that housed the ‘hardcore’ ladies taking Engineering and Design courses, to Club 36, the local market where all could be gotten from a haircut to cut sukuma wiki to fresh-off-the-fire chapatis. This then led us down Mamlaka road thinking that if the road had surveillance the stats on the number of couples walking by star light on it would be shocking…as well as the captured footage, hehe.

As we were on our Journey the stories that came up with the drenched up memories had us laughing out loud. As I sat their sipping on a cup of tea at our final destination-the Student Centre, I noted how each amazing story had the common factor of involving a bunch of close friends. Later on I realized that I may not have had as many campus stories because most of my friends during campus were OFF campus. What could I learn from this?

We keep being told that we should surround ourselves with a bunch of people who will inspire us to greatness. Why? So that we can achieve greatness in future. Future. My question-what about the NOW?
Little emphasis is placed on appreciating one’s current situation… This causes me to remember the common conversation (more like accusation) with my mom whenever I come back from a certain camping trip or concert . That “I love having fun(!)” (said in my mother tongue for supreme effect). Why is that such a bad thing?? We live life always aspiring to be better, work smarter, grow the company bigger, get healthier while putting on the back burner something that is equally important as all the above-being happy.

I will not apologize for my playing hard….I have worked hard and deserve it.