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How do we go through life picking up different life forms along the way (yeah I said it, all you creatures out there) that eventually morph into sensible people we can become friends with? And have viable meaningful friendships with?? No one knows on immediately meeting a person how the meeting shall progress. We basically are on auto pilot with all the different people we chance to interact with until some statement or action the other person makes pulls us out of stassis into the realization that they have potential. Potential to make this life more enjoyable than it is. Numbers are exchanged (how people exchange Facebook names or twitter handles I don’t get yet) and more time will be allotted to discovering how uniquely aligned you two are.

Not all friendships are formed this way, there are those people one shares a common interest with. These people have the “Go straight to jail, do not pass Go” cards. They are stuck with you whether they like it or not, and now hopefully you will make their lives somewhat more enjoyable in your interaction.

There are phases that the friendships go through… Amazing fun moments that go down in the memory annals, weird tense occasions where someone was rubbed raw and acts of randomness. Then, like a shooting star, the brilliance starts dieing out. The thing is this brilliance is bound to die out eventually and it dies out at different rates for different people. Like all good things the time comes when the end draws nigh. When your attempts at seeking out your partner in life (not life partner) all fail. The hardest part would be if this seemed to happen in synchrony for all your friendships. Why? Because of you stupid-you just did not put in the work you were supposed to to keep that shooting star brilliant 😦 And now, when one is hit by deludes of loneliness and doubt and feel as if you have no one to talk to it is actually founded…you do not. No one to confide in about this feelings soo personal and betraying of your human nature. After all, aren’t you supposed to be super human – relying on the grace of your Heavenly Father to get you through everything?

Currently playing: Just a Band’s ‘Probably for Lovers’. Not applicable but it is still deep. Some of the lyrics are…
I’ve had this feeling I could never ever tell u, I might be wrong but you’d rather be my friend. Maybe in future lives we’ll meet and be together, we’ll make a promise that we’re gonna be ok.”