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The topic of discussion on One Fm Kenya today is why do women go for bad boys? This has been a question that’s stupefied all the good guys out there. Just like the age old question “what do women want” I think the answers to these two questions are linked. It’s really simple actually. As a woman I will let every guy who’s going to read this in on the secret-women just want a guy who will take charge.

It’s that simple. We want to be protected, loved, cared for, sometimes told what to do, but i put emphasis on the SOMETIMES. Whichever way you chose to do that as a guy, you should figure it out, not I to tell you. That’s taking charge isn’t it? A woman will be attracted to a man who takes charge.

Now look at bad boys vs good guys in this mind set. Bad boys are not apologetic for who they are. Or what they do. They see what they want and go for it, no apologies. Yes, NO APOLOGIES. You wont find a bad guy pleading with you to spend time with him, he’ll demand it of you. And as much as that may not seem gentlemanly it is what will have a woman wondering why she cant get enough of you.

Another reason women cant get enough of bad boys, its simply the thrill. Everyone knows this so i dont need to go into detail. The unexpected has an allure to it, a strong one. A bad guy is far from predictable. Ok, im getting tired of labelling this type of guy as bad, he’s simply “sicker than yo average” lol.

Do I think i’ll be able to change a bad guy if i date him?? Heck no, that’s a lie women tell themselves to justify the situation then get madly hurt in the end. If I wanted to date a bad guy i would have to be equally as bad. Fight fire with fire.