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As the usual openning goes after weeks of crickets on many bloggers site i shall say the same, “Darn, it’s been ages since i posted on here. Soo sorry, and the way I’d promised to be consistent”. Well, what hasn’t been consistent is life that is for sure. Things change constantly such that they are like algebraic functions. With every change in the value of x there goes another outcome. I started working a new job and this is about my second month with them. the thing about my old job that had me leave was the fact that I did not do a thing. I know to most that would sound like the perfect job; getting paid for coming in to work, reading the newspaper, listening to music and watching the latest music videos, occassional lunches on the boss’ tab at swanky dives. Well, this may seem quite attractive but it wasn’t.

It was constant.

It had no challenges and as such at the end of the day I went home wondering what I had accomplished with my day apart from learning which artist had the latest music out. I did not go home feeling tired and glowing with the sense of achievement. I went home wary of waking up early the next day to go back and do….nothing.

Check in new job and there comes the theory of variability. As i write this post I am trying to figure out what x represents and what the function into which x is plugged in results in. That right there is philosophy. Philosophical thought that my mind struggles to process in its state of sleep deficiency. But i shall try. The great thing is this is philosophical thought and as such it is not set in stone but is meant to be mulled over, editted, discussed for a better understanding of the topic.

My thoughts: the consistency of life brings about boredom. Thus we can say:

if f(x)=k where k is a constant leading to consistency

Then this would literally mean one’s life becomes ‘k‘illa..(and not in that good way). But:

if   f(x)=y where y varies with regard to the value of x

then by George we may have discovered the origin of ‘y‘OLO and are halfway in our Pursuit of  Happiness :).

Thus then my theory was put to the test yesterday when certain participants, equated in this case to ‘x’, collided in the universe and the result of their meeting was a function of complete randomness that led to the value ‘y’…YOLO! Bowling at Village Market has never been soo much fun, might have helped that i bowled a strike on my first turn, yeah, i’m THAT gal.  The night culminated in a ride in the back of a pick up truck at 12.30am to our host’s crib for a night of board games. Thank God the pick up truck came along because there we were waiting for a matatu at that time of the night to transport us from Village Market to Ruaka. hahaha, hopeless beings we were!

This post has explained the function f(x)=y with regard to people. What about with regard to work?…