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This post is 2 months and a few days late but it just felt wrong to be ushering in the New year with anything BUT a summary of my travels. So as you read on transport yourself back to the Christmas period, with smells of nyamchom wafting in the air and the tune of christmas melodies on everyones’ lips…. If you are there, why, do read on and Enjoy :).
“Im back!! This shall not be a post about the newly ushered in year and the resolutions i plan to make. It shall be about what i’ve always written about-my life. I checked back into Kenya on Christmas eve, psyched to be physically home. As the plane touched down I stared out the window amazed at the beauty of the savannah. Beauty I had never appreciated before. Beauty I embraced simply because it signified I was home. I had this goofy smile on my face as I queued at the passport control counter. The urge to speak swahili instead of reply to english sooo profound I couldn’t ignore it.
“Sasa!” I greeted the Security officer. He smiled back knowingly. I’m sure he got alot of kenyans returning HOME throwing all manner of vernacular tongues at him in the hope of getting to actually have that first conversation in the language their mother taught them.
I was glad to be home but I was also sad to see the comfort of my holiday home disappear behind me. My sister, Susan, was the most amazing host under the Earth’s sky and made my 2 week stopover in Dubai the epitome of RnR. From walks barefoot along the sky scraper straddled beach to dinner at the famed TGIF restaurant chain watching the reknown Dancing fountains of Dubai Mall with the Burj Khalif (the tallest free standing structure in the world), towering in the background. From trips on the luxurious Metro automated train system to stopovers at the numerous Dubai museums and Heritage sites located in the Old town. To getting lost with, still with Susan, and almost crossing the border on a road trip to view some nearby mountain ranges…’nearby’ being the key word. Haha, these memories come back to mind and I can only describe the 2 weeks as being FREAKING EPIC!!! Oh yeah, and the “Shuffling across the world” series she helped me shoot. Videos of which I am yet to upload but soon will. Now that i only have about 2 videos the name may change as I continue my travels in future (hopefully) and most likely the main dance in the videos will also change but the theme will remain the same-mark most locations i visit by performing a small ‘flash mob’ of one. Hey, do not judge! We are all eccentric in our own right!….right?? She was such a sport about it…awesome holiday this was.
My take on Dubai is land of extremes. Biggest malls, biggest most luxurious hotels, biggest waterparks, biggest buildngs. It takes the term Super size to a whole other level. When common apartment buildings are over 30 storeys high on average(in comparison with the 29 storey high KICC building) you can imagine my amazement at most of the commoner constructions. True to my Civil Engineering background i took pictures of the ongoing construction.

If you’ve ever taken a picture of the China Wu Yi Thika road project then you feel me. There is a beauty in the raw appearance seen while the project is still running. An appreciation for how the project will eventually look. The night views were amazing with each building lit up in a splendid array of colours trying to outdo each other in pure peacockery (I have officially coined that word, someone contact Oxford). The visit to the local Water park was epic, Wild Wadi with its partially heated waters. Its rides of note-the Sceirah Jumeirah, a 30m almost vertical drop down a water slide fashioned in 3 thrill stages with the last stage being the heart stopping one. Yikes!! I went all of twice, and not because i was scared, there just wasn’t enough time. The other amazing ride was the Tantrum Alley-a ride with some portions enclosed and other portions open to the elements. Picture a tube with running water and some opennings cut out of it. These cut outs were located right at the most harrowing bends so you almost think you’re going to be flung right out of the ride!!! TRAUMA!! The view from these openings was the roof tops of the nearby buildings ALL well below the point we were at. Totally worth the adrenaline rush!! Got to try my hand at body surfing…it is NOT easy. You’re given a board thats the size of your torso. Your supposed to balance on this board using nothing but your belly and hands with your feet cruising the water behind you. Can’t count the number of times i wiped out but they do say “if at first you dont succeed…

The fondest memory i have of the entire 2 weeks was Susan and I sitting on a ledge right at the tip of The Jumeirah Palm Islands (the man made islands shaped to resemble palm fronds), right between the ocean and The Palm Atlantis hotel watching the sunset into the ocean. I say into because just when it touched the ocean’s surface I swear we were both waiting for the sizzling sound of steam in the far distance. The wash of colours bathed the sky the most brilliant sunset orange i have ever seen.