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Recently back from a trip to La Den Haag, more commonly known as The Hague OR, to all Kenyans worldwide, the site of the Ocampo 6 hearings, im sleepy but I thought i should write this down while its still fresh. I was shocked at its ethereal beauty, its much more historical architecture than Germany and some quite stunning parks. I’ll break it down slowly in literary form. Though pictures wouldn’t even have come close to replicating what i say i wonder how words will.
The Hague, like most of Netherlands sits on land reclaimed from the sea. This makes the land unnaturally flat and i only noticed the lack of hills and slopes on my last day there as I was walking through a nice green expanse of grass. Spotted from afar it looked like one of those golf course driving greens with manicured grass and a few water courses scattered about. Later i saw a sign stating it was a public park so in i went. A curved orangish brown tinted tarmac pavement (the same colour as the rubber running track in a stadium) wound through the park tracing the edges of the water courses. In the water swum 2 white geese, bold, majestic and damn scary when i got close to one. Then i happened upon a playground. Hehe, well i laugh because it really wouldn’t really have been described as a playground back home, more like an adventure park. There was a zip line for heaven’s sake!! A zip line in a kawaida kids public playground?! What i would have done to grow up with a playground like that. I took my turn at the zip line 🙂 i couldn’t resist but it turns out, as it was meant for kids, it really didn’t accelerate fast enough to be exhilarating. So the best zip line i’ve ever been on remains that at the Mt. Kenya Adventure school i went to early this year. A zip line is basically just a cable strung between 2 points on different height levels that you ‘zip’ down of holding onto a wheel-mounted handle riding on the cable Tarzan style. But back to what i was going on and on about-the flatness. Flat land exists in a few places and most of these have one thing in common-they are man made. The grass in the park was absolutely flat, not a bump or uneven mound from moles, nothing. It was too perfect. Im not complaining but true art was never defined by perfection right? It’s the reason Robots will never be able to produce art (despite that robot in Will Smith’s I am Robot movie.. Oh wait, that was I am Legend but you get the idea.)
Visited the beach and it was the same thing, the sand doesn’t slope gently towards the ocean with the waves lapping enticingly at the water’s edge. The beach was flat…felt weird…real weird. Kinda Twilight zone like. I also got to see the Old town which is now the shopping centrum of the city. With Christmas lights strung up already it made for quite a sight. The streest are pretty narrow. I bet they could only take one car if cars were allowed-the centre is solely pedestrian paths. But the basis of this post was not to speak of sights i cannot show you in picture but to say this-I miss home more and more. I miss the warmth, i miss the familiar black faces, I miss belonging, I miss being a part of something bigger than me….and I miss my friends. I now understand what the difference is between the West and Africa: Europe possesses spectacular man-made attractions, beauty pleasing in form and symmetry and colour but the beauty of Kenya (and Africa at large) lies in the abundant Natural beauty occurring as far as the eye can see. A beauty that diminishes man’s thoughts of himself. A beauty that cannot be created because then it would seem more robot like. A beauty that is Au Naturale. I have had to come halfway across the world to appreciate my own country and appreciate it i shall. Raise your glasses for the most awesome country I know-Kenya.

Tidbit-Did you know Kenya was named after Kirinyaga, as in Mt. Kirinyaga? I didn’t and i know i wasn’t asleep during that History class because i did NOT take History in High school.