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Whoever knows where this phrase came from please do enlighten me. I would like to challenge its creator for of late I have seen that sometimes the sun isn’t really that reliable. I’m sure if I searched the annals of today’s knowledge bases [read Wikipedia] I would be told that the… Whoops, the annals of today’s knowledge has no results matching my query. What now? Well, let me continue with my story.

So yes, as sure as the sun. The other day I was planning on going outside to do some errands. Note that the weather has been crammy (isn’t that word soo British? I now understand their inspiration in coining it-the incessant drizzle that exists in the UK, absolutely crammy I tell ya.) Our weather has either been a constant drizzle or constant overcast clouds. This is a major change from how it’s been for the past 2 weeks-beautiful blue skies and warm lazy afternoons reminding me of basking on the grass back in Nairobi’s Central Park (yes, if you never knew, Nairobi does have a Central Park. All we need now is the awesome coffee joint nearby and it’s an official remake of Friends 🙂  ). Now today the forecast said it would be sunny so I was expecting a change. I wake up and its still overcast but patches of sky can be seen…promising sky so no doubt as to believing the forecast. As such by the time I was leaving the house the sun was shining! Yay!! I wouldn’t have to go out bundled in layers of sweaters! Out I went with a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans…nothing else. The 1st steps down the road weren’t soo bad because in my mind I knew I would hit the mother lode eventually-a pocket of sunshine soo warm i wouldn’t want to go on with my morning errands but just sit there and enjoy. The mind is a powerful thing, it told my feet to go forth and stilled my cold, wind-bitten hands with assurances of warmth up ahead. THERE WAS NOTHING OF THE SORT!!! The day, albeit bright with shining sun, was still as cold as ever. Much colder actually. HOW NOW??!! Isn’t the sun supposed to warm up the land upon which it falls causing radiation of heat from said land back up into the atmosphere?? Hii jua ni ya uongo (this sun lies to us!). How do you see the sun but not feel its warmth??! Can the sun be taken to the Hague for unlawful acts against humanity?? Maybe more so to a court for breach of contract??  And for that reason I love tropical countries-our sun is the full package!

Hence I doubt i will be able to use that phrase again-“as sure as the sun”. Next time I see sun I am not playing its bluff one bit; I’m bundling up and going out there irrespective of its presence or not-aint nothing sure about it at all!!