(Sunday 31st July, afternoon)

Each of us has that place they can unashamedly call home….then I think again of my insensitive omission and take back my words. No, those of us who have that place they can unashamedly call home should thank God for it. This is in light of the plight of the refugee population we in Kenya know is very intense… This place I call home that I am very thankful for is something, more often than not, I take for granted….most of us do actually. What makes home home?? It’s not the walls or the comfort of the furnishings. Nor is it the well stocked fridge-Lord knows in this hard times food is quite the luxury. Home is the presence of those we love….and who love us back. I’m in my room watching Drop Dead Diva (very awesome series if I do say so myself). Now my bro jus came home from school in Thika (a town about an hour’s drive out of Nairobi). I’m quite comfortable in my room. Think I could survive a whole siege in this room…ok, maybe I’d have to add a fridge for food but apart from that It’s good to go. So here I am in my room absolutely engrossed in how the main character in the series perfectly delivers the character she’s playing when suddenly I smell something. On further contemplation I rush to the kitchen and guess what I find?? My mom stirring in sugar into the cup of tea she’d just made. Tea!!! If you didn’t know I will inform you that I have an on-going love affair with this our Kenyan beverage. And it’s not just our nationality that recognizes its refreshing properties; look at the Australians, the British, the Chinese-its worldwide. A culture started by the Chinese that has taken the world by storm. But I was sad. I was late!! She’d already made her ‘cuppa’. So I exclaim in sadness, ”Oh snap, im too late.. ” I looked for the tell tale sign of a sufuria with the remnants of tea leaves but couldn’t see any. Hmmmh, where was it? My mom replies to my statement, “No, there’s some tea right there in the sufuria. I made extra.” Has your heart ever literally warmed at such a simple statement? It was a small deed done knowing that her daughter loves tea as much as she does. What simple stuff is done for us that we tend to overlook?? Well, just as I say thank you to my men friends when they act like perfect gentlemen and carry my laptop bag for me or my grocery shopping (thank you Edwin ) I will do the same to my mother-I will tell her thank you for all the small things she’s done for me over the years… and the small things she is bound to continue doing. And I hope that it doesn’t end there. I hope that I can actually spread the good deed to the rest of the people I know and even those I don’t up in Northern Kenya-Kenyans by the very fact that we have offered them shelter. Kenyan’s for Kenya people. We can try… And here comes my bro with some crisps. By jove this mood is contagious! He’s actually giving me food, hehe. Ok, I diss him too much about his eating habits so I won’t do that here. And now I sit sipping on the liquid as I type this out. I’ve been wondering what to write about of late now that I am out of school but this just came to me. There is soo much that I am yet to tell all of you and I will with time, as the inspiration comes.