Mon 1st August (midnight)

I cant sleep. Im absolutely ecstatic!

They say good news comes in threes and up till today I had completely thought that was an old wive’s tale spoken not with basis but as myth to explain why good things kept happening to good people. Well, up till today I said. Today was it for me…I finally believe. Or my number came up and it was my day statistically to be blessed with such wonderment.

Firstly I would like to say congratulations to the Graduating class of Civil Engineers from the year 2011, we made it people!! Team Arrogance staying up all hours of the night checking up on guys via twitter whilst doing that last-minute reading we never were able to do earlier (and the way we weren’t even that busy), …then falling asleep when we knew we had done all we could and if the examiner didn’t think so well that would just be his problem, hehehe. Team INTS (Its Never That Serious) for when things after the exam were truly thick and we shrugged it off like water off a duck’s back cause, for real, there was nothing else we could do. Yup, to those guys, CONGRATULATIONS! I do hope we stay in touch, and I’m not just saying that but I want it to happen. You guys kept me going.

So to Muita, Toya, Anderson, Linet, Mikey, Marion, Poly and Judy-HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU.

 By now you may have figured out that, albeit my misgivings at my academic future, I actually found out that I passed my final year exams today and as such will be graduating from The University of Nairobi with a B.Sc Civil Engineering Degree. But please, let not people think that that is reason enough for them,to greet me with the label ‘Engineer’.

1-I am not yet an engineer, just a graduate engineer, and applying that label to me just makes me feel your shady!! Ok, it’s cause from my freshman years this shaggz modo types would call each other that. As in?! We were just in 1st year and knew NOTHING bout being engineers!!!

and 2-my career calling is yet to be decided.

2nd piece of good news, well I get to see my niece in September and bond with her. She’s at that age cause she’s just 2 years old. That’s the cute age where all that comes out of their mouths is such beautiful twists of words and phrases. It’s gonna make for loads of laughs J. I cant wait to hear her rendition of my name.

Third piece of good news, well if I told you I’ll jinx it J. So watch the blog and wait for the installation that tells all.

Isn’t the Lord just wonderful?? Triplets!!

Over and out people. Madd love!