I haven’t posted on here in awhile. I have even somehow forgotten the art of typing. We’ve been having exams over the past 2 weeks. Thus it’s been about 3 weeks of intense sleep deprivation and weird eating habits. I kind of became nocturnal. Since I stay off campus and did not have the privacy of a room, night time reading became the norm-there were no daily home responsibilities calling for one’s attention or family members awake with who to converse with. It was just me, my books spread out in front of me on the dining table and a ticking clock. Oh yeah, and the couch when things got thick. Go figure that I’ve somehow lost a bit more weight but what the heck, the cheeks will come back when they want to (I will not specify which 🙂 ).

And now I am done with campus. Yes, me, Gloria Auma Njagah, has finally finished all her undergrad examinations and hopefully successfully. On Friday after the last paper and assignment were handed in, a wave of relief swept through the entire class. A day we’d all thought was taking ages to arrive had finally come. 19 years of our lives we toiled on academics…. 19!!! I think if I’d used the money we spent on University fees and opened up a business by now the biz would be up, running and successful. 5 years is a darn long time….. We stood outside our class block wondering where to go from there: into town to cause havoc or in my case eat till my eyes popped (and go shower as well, yes guilty-I skived the morning shower….don’t look at me that way-I dint have time to sleep let alone shower!). I ended up in a friend’s room over the movie Rango only to fall unceremoniously asleep after a few minutes. Yaani, after all my plans for how I was going to bash the day and night away I fall asleep?! I disappoint myself.

We had a class dinner in the evening which I was absolutely psyched for! The dinner afforded me and my female classmates the chance to dress up! The chance to completely annihilate the image our guy classmates had of us. You see, when you’re doing engineering the last thing on your mind when going to class is make up… or lip gloss…or heels! That’s just too much work. We are comfortable in our jeans and t-shirts hence the labels tomboy and such. Obviously we weren’t going to let their last image of us be the same. Going through my head as I planned what to wear was, “Yeah man, I look this good. I’m sorry it took you 5 years to notice but you ain’t getting none of this!” Hehe, its always fun seeing the shock on people’s faces. SO shock them we did and I mean ALL of us, GO LADIES!

Dinner, to after-party to a major hangover on Saturday, I’d say my classmates shall be missed and I enjoyed every second of my 5 years with them. Not for the exams, CATs or assignments constantly on our plates but for those moments when we were bonded together during hardship…. For when the 1st year birthday ritual was a dump in the bushes outside our class irrespective of gender…. For when my fascination with all things hydro had me wash people on the regular with the fire extinguisher pipe, lol…. “Team Arrogance” for those moments when we felt jack about the hardship, ha ha. I’ll miss you guys and the steady consoling tweets that flowed during exam period. Team INTS-“Its Never That Serious” when we were just absolutely tired of it all.

Everyone’s thoughts and memories of this period will be different but the one thing that will ring true, we survived. What waits for me in the outside world?? I’m scared to ask…

To the 2011 Civil Engineering Class of Nairobi University, this one is for you! And for all our brothers and sisters in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, we made it people!!!