Doris, Toya, as we read for exams this one goes out to yall 🙂

Is life really that serious?? To answer that we would need to answer the question of what sums up life? Is it material possessions, wealth, education, class, fame. Is it any of those things really?? What do you value most in life? What would you do to get what you value most?

My life’s motto thus far has been that same statement-It’s never that serious. There are times when I find myself going to such great lengths to achieve recognition but the realization hits that, at my stage, It’s never that serious. When the difference between my B and your B is 6 points aren’t they both still B’s??

But now I am forced to ask myself if my statement makes me seem just a tad wee tiny bit unserious about life… or if I could use another word, unfocussed. You see I’m currently studying to get my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nairobi. I have approximately 16 days left to the end of my long overdrawn education (not to say that a pursuit of a masters or doctorate couldn’t pop up In the grand plan). So far my education has run something to the tune of 19 years… 19 YEARS!!! What the…. Sometimes I really do wonder why we had to adopt the colonial system of education. Why we couldn’t just have stayed with our informal education taught us by grandma under the leafy shade of the village boabab tree, gotten married off at 13 and lived to work the land and raise babies….Ok, come to think about it Formal education is not soo bad. Now that finishing is just about the corner so are final year exams. After 5 years of doing these exams (it’s a 5 year course) I have sort of developed a nonchalant attitude towards them. It happens- after overstimulation the senses die; after over panicking one just becomes numb and feels nothing. I remember the times in 2nd and 3rd year when I used to freak out before exam week thinking I was soo unprepared. Staying up till 5 am just to ensure I went through every last page of the lecturer’s material. After all that drama BEFORE the papers, the results would come through and they wouldn’t be bad. Soo obviously I was bound to figure out that panicking is overrated. It most probably just brings closer the day when I’ll have grey hair and wrinkles. Right now, 4 days to exams, I’m absolutely relaxed. One, I can’t know everything. 2, if my lecturers really wanted to make life hard for us I wouldn’t be at the stage I’ve reached so far so tally hoe-let’s go pass some papers right? 🙂

What happens when I finish?? I don’t know. That’s the second reason as to why I think I’m just a tad wee tiny bit unserious about life. I’m still not sure about where I’ll end up after I graduate! I know these doubts have faced every fresh faced graduate who hits the market in search of work but there is usually only one option open to them: find employment OR find employment. For me I face a whole labyrinth of choices and though I’m passionate about all them the one I’m least passionate about is to do with Engineering. When I spoke to Susan, my sis, over the weekend about my potential plans on clearing she asked me one question, “So you’re going to just waste a 5 year education??”…. Silence…. I’m glad she asked me that. It’s the reality I must come to terms with. Do I want to do that? Well yes… I won’t have wasted my education because those 5 years in Engineering made me versatile enough to face any situation that could be thrown my way. Plus most of the people I know say they are not currently practicing what they studied on campus… My sister, Jacky, once said your first degree is just a stepping stone into the world and doesn’t determine where one will end up. This was when I was planning on transferring and pursuing a different course. It got me to stay and finish and boy am I glad this is over.

So where will I end up?? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

As for the little somberness within me, it acknowledges that if I don’t develop a time plan soon as to how I want to do this, this boat is as good as sunk.

So is life really that serious?? No…..and yes.

Some scenarios to put us on the same page (don’t want anyone quitting their jobs):

You miss out on tickets to the concert of the year??… Its never that serious!

You want a huge graduation party but it just doesn’t seem possible??… Its never that serious!

You have exams in 4 days and for the life of you you can’t answer any question in the past papers??…. Its never that serious!

And ultimately,

You miss your mom. Haven’t seen her in months and feel whack about it…. It IS that serious.