Yesterday was EPIC with a capital everything. My big brother was getting married to his awesome fiancé, my new sister, whom I welcome to the family with open arms. She’ll fit right in cause she’s just like us. What is ‘us’ you ask?-well ask most if they’ve met a Njagah and they will be like “Yeah, that loud family with all the sisters”. Well, yes we are loud and we DO have brothers there are just more sisters to go around :). Thank God for my family, I love them to bits. It’s great being part of a big one [family].

But that isn’t the basis of this post. This post was about friends. We have friends right? No one can NOT have a person or two they can attach the name friend to. I consider myself as having many friends…the correct term would be acquaintances actually (social media today has totally warped our idea of who a friend is-a friend is not one who’s friend request I accept on facebook, sheesh, its deeper than that). So I shall correct myself and say I consider myself as having few friends. But after this weekend I really wonder whether even those I call my friends truly are that or maybe they are just glorified acquaintances.

The adage goes that a true friend will be there for you through thick or thin, the good and the bad, the rough and the smooth…. What say you of a person who even in good times has but few he can count around him?? This weekend for me was one of those good times. One of the great times actually. A time I would have loved to share with some dear friends but… From lessons learnt I did not invite them for the disappointment I knew I’d feel when they didn’t show up. Was I wrong for pre-empting their decline to my invitation?? Should I have had more faith in them and actually invited them for the wedding and its fanfare?? I think one of my lesser traits is the fact that I hint. I don’t come straight to the point and state my case, I vaguely suggest at a possibility and hope that the person I’m suggesting to arrives at the conclusion I want them to. It hasn’t gotten me very far I must admit (the evidence being the number of my friends at the wedding )…but those times when the desired message drops make for some happy moments. It’s like when one hints to one’s boyfriend that you’ve had a long day and that boy what you wouldn’t do for an ice-cream or some other form of comfort food. Somewhere deep within is the thought that maybe he’ll show up at your doorstep with your favourite desert in tow but since that only happens in the movies you squash your fanciful day dreams, get back to reality and say you’ll be absolutely fine….then there’s a knock on the door and Oh happy day! But we all know that rarely happens…how I wish that wasn’t so.

So I hinted, and it got me nowhere. I thank God for Rachel though, she came and we had a ball! So at least one friend was with me in the good times.

There were many….and then there was one.