This was written at like 4am yesterday night/Ieo morning: I sit here burning the mid-night to early morning oil yet again. This is the 2nd night in a row I’m doing this and it sure ain’t the last. It’s campus! Who doesn’t stay up late?? Whether it be reading or watching movies or out partying the culture is ‘Going to bed early is for kids… and high skulers’. It’s lik e when we got to campus we were all bound to do things as differently as possible as from the days when we were in strict boarding schools. Goes to show some level of rebellion is in all of us. Campus afforded us the chance to finally explore life without the restraints of dorm masters/matrons or parents breathing down our necks. Haha, it reminds me of high school. The fact that despite my being what we used to call a ‘cop’ i.e. a student prefect, I was still wrong. I don’t think I ever enforced the rules as I was supposed to…actually I think I was even worse as a cop cause it afforded me more free time as compared to the burdened lives of ‘civilians’ and their daily/weekly duties. High school was thus very fun for me. Actually high school was awesome!! Well apart from the Fasihi (Kiswahili literature) lessons. Yikes… Yes, I said it, I loved every second of my Kenya High School experience. I don’t understand how people hated it but to every man his own so. Rebellion. Is it good or bad for us ama?? Why is everyone soo adamant to tell us what to do?? Do they want us NOT to do something cause it’s wrong or cause they just feel like limiting our freedom?? Today I was slightly under the weather. The whole aching joints and high temperature feeling. So I asked my sis to get some meds for me since she’s a pharmacist-she’d know how to drug me well 🙂 you know, with the good stuff. When she and her husband got home his first statement to me was, “See what not eating right and not sleeping… and staying out late are doing to you??” (the staying out late part he just added for fun cause he knows me and him have an ongoing disagreement discussion about my late hours :). But obviously I denied the fact that my ailments were due to my midnight oil burnings… and I have been trying to eat better. Plus I’d come back home to sleep off the exhaustion in the middle of the day so it wasn’t sleep. So I’m about to disagree with him when my sis comes in from outside and says “yeah, your immunity is most probably low and that could be due to the fact you haven’t been sleeping well and eating right as well”. Ala! My supposed freedom was having the better of me. It was the probable cause of my ailments. Shucks. So what now?? Rebelling sucks! if these are the consequences ikae(let it stay)!! So when you think about it when kids are told to go to bed early its not cause they are being denied freedom, it’s just that at their age they know not better. As adults we know better yet we stretch our bodies to the limit in all manner of aspects. So I’m a kid cause I lack the wisdom to know what’s good for me…are you??

Progress on the ailment, my awesome sis got me meds that worked and hence i was up at 4am instead of resting in sleep. My only question is why do they have to make tablets taste soo bad??!! Kids have nice syrups and emulsions. They cant o the same foe adult meds?? Or you mean to tell me no science exists that can figure out how to actually combine the spoonful of sugar AND the medicine(in tablet form) for it to go down?? Ama it’s just a case of us not being able to stop taknig the meds if they actually taste good?? after all we ARE rebels right?