There’s this piece I read online on @wamathai’s website that had me thinking. There’s an ongoing search for the daring female writer. The one who defies all common place beliefs on how and what a woman should talk about in public or how said woman should carry herself.  The piecemeal writing afforded all other female bloggers was termed as feminine writing-pretty prattle on what she said he said she said with the occasional show of wit. But where was the courageous writer who would lay bare the thoughts (and actions) of the average female?? Who would take up said task and put Kenyan women on the virtual map? Some examples were given of such daring women and links to their blogs provided. I was able to read @Suenairobi’s and Galis’ blogs. How can I describe them….OMG!!!

Is this what people want?? I was more shocked by Galis’ recounts of her segzapades than Sue’s recounts of her life as a prostitute on the streets of Nairobi. It just made me wonder, “what’s with all the fascination on all things sex and sexual??!” Ok, maybe that is not the question I should be asking for I too am fascinated but this fascination leads to me forgetting the beauty of sex because of how it’s been trampled and rolled in the mud. It’s been made kawaida. Imagine! Let me fashion sex to the silk blouse that you only wear on those special occasions. When the heck will you find someone wearing a silk blouse to go lima shamba with?! Sex is much more meaningful than those chance encounters and elaborately planned getaways! The more I read/see/listen to what goes on in the world today the more I realize I am attaining the mindset of the world. This is not confession, this is hard fact. The more you read/see/listen to it the more you will too…. It’s always good to know when one is digging their own grave so I just made you aware of your shovel- u want to? Go right ahead and watch/read/listen to porn. Be my guest! Bury yourself alive and wonder why you weren’t warned. What happens when you expect your wife to live up to your porn star fantasies?? When you have issues in your marriage?? Or when you sexually assault your house boy/girl?? What will you do?? Why of course-blame it on your parent’s separation, your dysfunctional family,… anything but yourself.

The 3rd Law of Physics holds true: for every action there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction.

Every action you take, decision you make has a consequence that resounds here on earth and also eternally. No, life wont ending the moment you stop breathing so isn’t that something that’s worth thinking about.

Growing up in an African culture (or a semblance of an African culture with the way people are soo quick to mimic the ways of the west) I’d say our ancestors would be shocked at how quick we are to ‘forget’ what they stood for and tolerated in society for some values that play more on the fact that we are flesh and our flesh’s gratification comes before all else. We have in essence become a selfish people. How??? Isn’t the embodiment of the African most defined in a community? Doesn’t this community live in harmony with each other? To be defined as an outcast is not harmony and yet we (or certain people’s) segregate ourselves and call ourselves the victimized minority?? SELFISH! Living for ourselves. But I am not one to tout for African culture seeing as I know not much of my own culture. Who knows of the origin of homosexuality or of the origin of all other acts we tout as not a big deal?? Sin was in us from day one, still is in us actually. From when you’re a tiny baby sin exists in you. When you receive Christ sin is right there with you. What Christ does is deliver us from the power of sin. Sin brings death and yet we roll in it, bathe in it, adorn it upon ourselves as perfume not knowing it’s potency.

Due to this post and whoever may read it that may feel offended by my outright statement am I not entitled to my opinion?? I do not have to mask the fact that I hate what is going on in today’s society just as everyone else does not have to mask the fact of their multiple exploits. Aren’t  they even praised for it?? So do not be a bigot and refuse my freedom of speech, I have criticized your’s and left it at that.