It tears me up from the inside, this collection of half processed needs and indulgences. But yet I continue partaking of them! I cannot stop for it is in my nature. Without them I would surely die. Don’t men walk about with blank stares in there gaze?? Unable to feel the movement in their loins of an idea birthing?? These are men lacking what I have in plenty yet should I be ashamed that that which is given me is larger than the portion I need?? Too many dreams such that some lie wasted, unfinished, like the unfinished cities described in the mind of that Inception guy.  Who am I to be given all this yet waste it when one, equal as I, lacks and cannot lie fulfilled??

What is a man devoid of food for the mind? What is a man devoid of dreams-the food for the future.

I think all this and then exit the bathroom knowing that by my next visit il have to have watered down everything or else…..