Am  I mature?

A question it seems I must ask myself as I am faced with the experiences  and lessons life has tossed my way. What is maturity?? Who can define it and define it holistically?? Wah, with all these stuff I keep asking you guys I feel  I should just go sit down with a good self-help book and self-teach these lessons  to myself by force.

I’ve made some major mistakes in life and the consequences of these mistakes stick with me for long periods of time. Kinda like burn wounds. Funny I should say that because I know that if one plays with fire they get burned. The problem with me is I go right ahead and play with that fire. For that, I am scarred beyond recognition. A disfigured form of who I once was. Beautiful to whom? I can only wonder….

One of my fave rappers, who goes by the name of Da Truth, once flowed, “They say experience is the best teacher. That’s what they teach us in schools. I say experience is the teacher of fools. Because a wise man will learn from another man’s errors…” Do we?? Human beings have a tendency of wanting to do things their way, just to see if their way will work. Even if someone else did the same thing and failed miserably, they will still believe that they can succeed. This shows that something about the human spirit, actually-resolve, is unbreakable. But it’s foolhardiness as well. I am a fool. For wanting to get burnt just so the lesson can stick. You know, sometimes the lesson doesn’t even stick… so why get burnt?!

The Bible has in it a set of instructions, guidelines on how we are to live. Did God intend for us to not enjoy life when He gave them to us?? Not at all. I think all He wanted was for us to remain beautiful creatures, not scarred by the experiences of this world. A joyous people. Un-skeptical of life and its beauty. Just like in the cartoons He put clear signs pointing at all the fires we should stay away from. Trust humans, in all our foolhardiness, to go and jump right in and go like, “What a blazing party, duuude”.

I have been scarred and writing this is a revelation to me of my foolhardiness….i hope something has been revealed to you as well.

I’m out.