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This Labour day weekend began with me [obviously] getting out of bed exhausted on Friday morning at around 7am. When u get out of bed tired after a night’s rest you know things are thick. The weekend bore for me the basic plan of catching up on my reading cause we were having “CAT week” coming up the following week in school. CAT week? kwani we are back in high school all over again?! Shame on our Department Chairman for thinking it up.

I’m a very random person, and I do mean VERY. The best plots are those that haven’t been planned for because then the mwenjoyo is had thinking “Wah, I could have been at home bored but look at me now”. Yup, best plots ever. These plots aren’t that common to come by, especially the ones that extend over a number of days. Random day plots are easy to come by, go visit a pal spur of the moment and there u have it-your spontaneous J.

So this weekend, I smile thinking about it….

As I’m seated at the dining room table going over some soft copy notes while trying not to continually glance at what’s going down on twitter I receive a call from a good friend.

“Gloria! How you doing?? What was with blacking out on me jana night?”

So apparently my friend is mad cause I didn’t reply his last text the night before (Club 20…oh wait- Club 10, drama) So I apologize (though reluctantly cause as I remember it, he blacked out on me. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!). Now in the process of knowing how his morning was getting along he mentions that he’s chilling in town for another good friend of mine cause they are heading down to Kitale for the weekend. At the mention of 2 friends and a plot I felt left out. Mbona hawakunishow that they were planning a trip??… But the trip was for guys of their Real group (Real groups are home fellowships that meet once a week outside of church).  Since I wasn’t part of the Real group I understood and thought it best to wish them a safe trip and awesome weekend. Then he shared the way out of their 16 members only 4 had confirmed. How now?!  4 out of 16 when everyone had been for the idea in the beginning?! Disappointed he was but the trip was still gonna go down he said. At this he paused and he’s next statement had me hook, line and sinker.

“You wanna come??”

Pause,.. as I think of the commitments I have that I didn’t want to cancel….darn, me and my spontanaeity will be the end of me!

“Sure” I say wincing at the thought of the calls and messages I have to start sending out as cancellation protocol. But this is 3 days to Kitale….Tally hoe!

And that is how, with 1 hour to pack and get myself to town, I ended up on a @2pm shuttle to Eldoret after which we connected to Kitale. My brother did not understand how I would pack up my bags and leave when it appeared that I was being told about the plot as an after thought. Well, this is how I see it, I’m blessed to have friends who think of me at such moments. In no way could I have been part of the plan because I am not in their real group. The fact that I was invited in the end means my company would be fun on the trip. So there, if you hear of any random plots hook a sista up! wink wink

Got to climb Mt. Elgon, albeit only half way (spectacular views and Mt. Elgon National Park have really cute bandas that accommodate 3 people at 15oo a night….thinking…), got to ride boda bodas and piki pikis at the skilled hands of the veteran operators. Got rained on, got a runny nose, ate till I dropped (then I come back to Nbi and pple r saying iv lost weight…Ala?!) got called a myriad of names I will not mention by one of our very interesting though slightly annoying team members, visited a children’s home and actually spoke swahili to a crowd (no easy fete that I tell ya, especially not if your last name is Njagah) had a dance party dancing to the palito speakers of phones…lol. Good times. Now I knew I had 2 CATs sometime this week and a presentation to do. Was I prepared, nope. But life is never that serious. One of the slogans I live by. The bad CAT turned out to have been pushed forward to Thurs (ample time to prepare…somewhat) and I’m just from doing the not soo bad CAT. The presentation is next week and that is where I get jazzed and say everything comes together after all 🙂

And I’d be willing to do it all over again, but reality and life call.

I gotta pick up