How bad do you want what you DON’T have?? Would you go the proverbial extra mile to get what you want?? Fight your way tooth and nail to the finish line?? Whether it’s the FCH (first class honors) or the girl who stays down the street whom you can’t help but notice when a whiff of her scent catches your nose (yes, she doesn’t know you but you know her perfume. How now?? Rhetorical question). If your human you’ve been there-when that elusive business idea kept escaping your mind or the dream job you’ve always imagined being too far out of reach cause they want 5 years experience and your just fresh out of college. All these examples I’ve given have something in common; a sense of helplessness on the part of the ‘’wantees’ (for lack of a better word from my vast vocabulary). We are never truly helpless some will say, a statement I agree with completely…. Helplessness equals hopelessness. But the fact that we are loved by God must leave some form of hope in our hearts. The Creator of the universe loves silly little me! HOPE!

But when your fighting with the weight you recently gained due to the blessings of a well-paying job and an awesome wife who hooks you up with some good home cooking (or you her) then hopelessness would describe some people (again I say some). The mentality people have to weight loss (and most other things for that matter) is amazing. The thought that a few missed meals and reduced portion sizes will do the trick in 2 weeks so you can fit into last year’s fine wedding pants is outrageous… but possible. Now the thought that you could make your 2 week deadline yet refuse to:

-walk to the shop cause it’s far or to work in the morning cause you’ll be sweaty or

-take the stairs to your 6th floor office cause >insert reason here<

is absolutely absurd! Just like everything else we want, lost weight will not dramatically shed itself off n hand itself over to us on a silver platter so we can toss it in the incinerator (or make high-end soap, for all you Fight Club fans). It takes work! Everything we want we need to work to get. I want a first class but I sure won’t get it sitting on the couch watching Glee reruns all day. You want your awesome job then go out there and get experience! They may work you like an elephant and pay you peanuts but the lessons you’ll learn will be priceless.

So what hinders me?? First and foremost (and the only thing I will talk about): mentality. It could be defined as work ethic or drive. If you want to lose weight (pardon me for my focus on this one goal but it’s what is closest to me) then you need to look at everything as exercise-a calorie consuming act. Not literally counting calories burnt and consumed the whole day but opting to do stuff cause they would be beneficial towards your goal. That means:

-> leave the car at home and take a mat to wherever. We need to accept the fact that cars are the number 1 reason most Kenyans live highly sedentary lifestyles. I’m taking the bus to work; believe me, I am way better off than you are- I may just have increased my lifespan by a day or 2.

->strike a conversation with the chic with the thought that your not a creepy stalker but actually a very interesting guy.

->work at your current job like you were having an appraisal coming up the next week.

The list could go on and on but then I wouldn’t leave you the chance to learn what YOU need to. This isn’t 8-4-4, there is no ultimately correct answer, they all are. I hope paradigms have shifted. Mine are on their way there…