Today I aged 50 years.

This was brought about when I plucked (or rather a classmate plucked) the 1st white hair strand from my head. I really should have kept it for my book of memories but it got blown away by the wind before I could even shed a tear.

White hair….my 1st reaction was to scream in pain.. and shock. If you’ve had the pleasure (wacha nijibambe :)) of interacting with me you’ll know I’m absolutely full of life. As my bro in law would say, “there’s most probably no place in Kenya that Gloria has never been” (a fact I hope to set in stone before I hit 35…). The sprouting of a single strand of white hair on my young scalp shattered those dreams. It reminded me of my mortality. Something I had never really considered seriously up till today. Mortality, and also the thought that I could age. I think the latter had a larger impact because anguish over impending death on the sight of one white hair strand would be considered over-reacting. Ageing, now that is what the hair represents.

No girl in their (insert very youthful age here ) thinks that one fine day I will have wrinkles…or that my hair will thin and fall out…or that my joints will resound in creaking harmony as I walk down the steps. We bask in our youth, our radiant skin glowing from all the Fair and Lovely we’ve pakad (Tito ;)) and our ability to live with no restraint especially in the aspect of eating absolutely everything in your path with little thought to your waistline(that has to be the best perk of youth). I don’t want to age!!

But this one strand awoke me from my reverie and forced me to consider all of the above. I guess I do have to accept that im not as young as I thought I am. Heh, I’m in my 5th and final year of campus!-this had to hit me sooner than later…it has hit me later than sooner.  I have age mates making mass waves in the Kenyan scene and maybe it’s my time to step up. My time to mature and take on the responsibility my white-haired wisdom doth bestow upon me. If I’m going to age im going to age gracefully! Watch the streets for a chic with a white fro-afadhali I do it myself before time does it for me right?? 🙂