Today I cried. Not that full out bawling with eyes all red and puffy and nose giving Bekele a run for his money. Not that. It was this simple pathetic sobbing where one goes and hides in a corner for fear of being found. Not wanting to garner sympathy from whoever finds themselves moved enough to enquire what was wrong. I’m not a crier. It’s a trait I try claim (or rather stick to)stemming from my loyalty to tomboyish-ness. Cry?? What?! And seem weak?! I think not! But this time I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

Now this is weird, I claim that I don’t cry or rather don’t really fancy it BUT I do cry! I cry at every sob movie that’s out there. 7 Pounds totally killed me-think I cried the entire last 30 minutes. I’m ALLOWED to cry at a movie-it’s a movie! It’s scripted and directed to move its viewers to experience intense emotions. But I can’t cry at my life or the situations in it. How now?? Wouldn’t that make me pathetic?? Weak?

But then I think that movies aren’t necessarily pathetic nor are the characters in them weak and even if one is moved to tears in their daily routine it is just because we are the front and centre viewers to The Days Of Our Lives.

I can cry after-all…I’m not weak, i just don’t handle intense emotion very well that’s all.

The reason why I was crying….well, that il leave for me to know and…for me to know 🙂