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I have a friend, his name is Joe. Now Joe is pretty interesting. He’s the most competitive and vociferous of my group of pals. Though, in his defense, i must say that he’s not the only one with those  traits. He went to Strath high school and from my interactions with him I’m already sure of the school i’d like my son to attend in the future-Strath. Stratherians tend to be all-rounded and I’m yet to come across one that goes against this nature.

Boys and their toys. Well, Joe plays with cameras.

If he heard that he’d be offended but before he gets his undies all up in a bunch lemme explain.

Have you ever watched a child playing. At times they have this absolutely bright smile on their face while other times its this intense concentration as they line up their ‘bano’ to win the game. When i say Joe plays with cameras i mean just that. His form of art cannot be born from mere automated response that most of us afford our occupations and jobs. His is passion.

He’s passionate about his playtime.

I’ve watched him take shots sometimes and wonder why when someone else holds the SAME camera and uses the SAME lighting there is still a very major difference.

Photography isn’t the only thing Joe does. He’s your proverbial Jack of All trades (and i do mean all) but the thing that makes him excel at everything he does is that aspect of competitiveness. I do believe the boy even competes against himself!! (lol, im soo gonna get killed for this). He’ll beat me at tennis…and running… though i believe i still have the dibs on him in swimming….yup-that about sums up my achievements over him 🙂

Is competiteveness a bad thing?

At sleepovers and camps i’ve watched as people played and mingled and generally had fun. I pay close attention to the guys cause usually they are the one’s who’ll put themselves out there. Boy are they competitive, yikes! A game as simple as Tekken is converted to this high tension jousting match as skills are pitted against each other.  The tension does make for some good shout fests as spectators take sides and the competing parties defend their ‘honour’. But i digress. Competition makes you wanna be your best, do your best. I used to wonder why everyone just couldn’t take a chill pill and enjoy themselves. Why does it have to be about who won? And now i understand.

It’s not JUST about the winning.

Play and competition go hand in hand. Be it a team sport or individual achievement, we’ll either compete against our best time or try and win the ‘other guys’. In doing either of these we apply ourselves much more than we ever would if we had opted to “take a chill pill”. And we enjoy it in the process.

Please play. And don’t be ashamed to get a little competitive 😉

Here are some of his shots, find more at http://joe.frontlight.co.ke/